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Resume Writing Length – How Long is Too Long?

How long should your resume be? It’s a question that has no clear answer. The answer will depend on the career and experience of each job applicant. However, there are some guidelines that are generally accepted that you should be aware of.

A One-Page Resume

The single page resume is typically recommended for a job seeker who’s relatively new to the employment marketplace. This often applies to the younger person who’s recently graduated and making their transition from school to career. It also applies to a person seeking an entry-level position or making a transition into a new career. A one-page resume is best suited if:

  • You have less than ten years of experience in the target field.
  • You’ve held two or more positions with the same employer.

A Two Page Resume

Consider a two-page resume when you’ve been established in a career path for a significant time period. A two-page resume is best suited when

  • You have 10 or more years of experience in your target field.
  • Your target job involves mechanical, engineering, or technical skills, and you need room to list and prove your relevant skills and knowledge.
  • Don’t forget to include your contact information on the second page. The pages should be formatted with page numbering that’s formatted to indicate the total number of pages.

Three or More Page Resume

A lengthier resume that runs longer than two pages should be used infrequently, and only when warranted by significant experience and qualifications. Sometimes an addendum can be used after the second page so that you have the option of including it or not, depending on the job you’re applying for. A resume that exceeds two pages may be suitable if:

  •  You are a senior-level executive or manager with a lengthy track record of organizational accomplishments.
  • You belong to a scientific or academic field and have a long list of published works, speaking appearances, professional courses, patents, or licenses.

Regardless of the length of your resume, it needs to be concisely written, and put your main selling points at the top. The experience you outline needs to be related to your career goal. Those in charge of hiring usually have hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes to weed through. Make sure that you catch their attention right away. If not, whatever you say never be read, no matter what page it’s on. Therefore, keep the reader’s short attention span in mind and present your information in way that’s easy to read and digest. Recruiters and employers don’t have time to read an autobiographical paper. They need a hard-hitting summary of your qualifications that makes your stand out in the crowd of applicants.

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6 Top Resume Writing Tips

Your resume is the most important document you create.  Resume writing can make or break your future career success. The job market today is highly competitive. Employees no longer get hired and count on staying with the same company until they retire, there’s more turnover than days past. When you’re looking for a new job, you’ll want to be submitting your resume to online job postings and job boards. Even if you use a staffing agency, recruiter, or job placement service, they’re going to put your resume in a database with a huge pool of others. It’s sink or swim, so here’s how to get your resume to rise to the top.

How to Write a Resume – Keys to Effective Resume Writing

  1.  Don’t ignore SEO. Your resume not only has to get the employer’s interest these days. In order to even be seen by the employer, it has to pop up when the database you upload your resume to gets searched. The way to get seen is to have the right keywords included in the right areas. An SEO expert can perform keyword research tailored to your career goals, ensure that you’re using the best terms, and place them strategically. Very few resume writers are qualified to do this properly and don’t perform the work neeeded.
  2.  Use proper spelling and grammar. This one’s obvious, but it bears repeating. One missing period or apostrophe is all it takes to blow your chances. Especially if you’re looking for a job that requires any type of writing, such as business letters, proposals, invoices, etc. It’s best to have it proofread by a professional writer.
  3.  Format it attractively and make it eye-catching. Don’t go crazy, it needs to have a professional appearance. Keep the number of fonts and font sizes down and don’t overdo the graphics.
  4.  Resume writing needs to use compelling language, without going overboard. Your experience and achievements need to be effectively presented in a way that best highlights your skills. You may not think you accomplished much in that minimum wage job you hated. However, with the right spin, you can powerfully describe your duties in a way that shows how your skills transfer to other types of jobs.
  5.  Be succinct. Remember, the person looking at it has many others to look at and can’t spend all day reading them. Use bullet points properly to make it easy for the reader’s eye to scan the page and get the most important information quickly.
  6.  Avoid resume writing services that don’t spend time interviewing you and want you to fill out a worksheet. Without a proper personal interview, you’re going to get a low quality, cookie-cutter resume based on a template. Most resume services that offer a $99 resume do high volume business and farm the work out to minimum wage contractors. They typically spend 20 minutes on each in order to produce a certain number each day. Your resume isn’t one of the items to try to save money on. A poor one is a total waste of money if it gets no responses.

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