Is Social Media a Relationship Killer?

Social media like Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter, and relationships

Relationships are challenging. Have Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and other sites complicated relationships even more? How much of a threat do they really pose?

Social Media and Relationship Strategies for Dealing With it

My grandpa told me he blamed the rising divorce rate on the automobile because of the opportunities it offered to venture outside the home. Today, you don’t even need a set of wheels, a partner can stray with the click of a mouse, right at home. We’ve all witnessed various strategies used by couples to minimize trust issues on social media sites:

The joint Facebook page.

  • Sharing passwords for transparency.
  • The profile picture of the couple to let the world know the other is taken.
  • Displaying a relationship status. Again-adding the “taken” tag.

Being Naughty or Nice – Knowing Right From Wrong

In real life, people don’t carry signs about a relationship status or wear a picture of their significant other or spouse on their shirt, but many wear wedding bands. Yet, a wedding band isn’t always a deterrent to those willing to trespass on a marriage, and there are many married cheaters who hide rings or wear them when cheating. So does the online profile increase the threat to the relationship?

I recently had a guy flaunt our relationship on his Facebook page via check-in and status updates. I later discovered he only took me out of the closet a week after his ex-girlfriend changed her status to ”in a relationship”, and refriended her around the same time to rub it in her face. Despite his denial of using me for such motives, I was able to verify the timeline of events with a mere glance at her page. So while social media provides more opportunity for bad behavior, the digital footprints can make it harder to cover up.

Whether you wear a ring in real life or display a “taken” online profile, is online activity going to increase the odds for misbehavior? I’d argue that while online activity offers more temptations and opportunities for mischief, the distinction between real world and online interactions will be irrelevant when a person’s is heart faithful. I believe a trustworthy person who has integrity and a conscience isn’t going to lose those qualities by participating in social media. A person without those qualities can go the other way, and use every opportunity, online and offline, to act naughty. If you’re wishing your mate would close his/her account, defriend so-and-so, or change a relationship status, you may just really be wishing for a different, more trustworthy person.

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One thought on “Is Social Media a Relationship Killer?”

  1. I agrre with almost eveything you are saying here.I too was recently in the exact same situation.I posted checkins and status updates about my wonderful new girlfriend and I,not to flaunt it but because I was happy and wanted the whole world to know it.She thought I refriended my ex recently just to rub it in her face which wasnt the case.I still had the person in my friends list for months prior and only forgot to take her off my firends list.When asked about it I immediatley unfriended the ex to avoid issues.I didnt delete old posts or anything,why would I.I had nothing to hide,and besides they were before my new girl and I were together.But yet I was informed by my new girl that she went on her own facebook page and deleted old posts and pictures because she wanted to be sensitive to my feelings.Really?I was told by unfriending someone I was hiding something,yet they deleted stuff to spare my feelings.Who was hiding what?I feel that the problem with social media and text messages is the fact that people put too much empahsis on it now and want to take every little thing to far.Social media is like getting a tattoo,once you get one its there for good,just like once you post something and throw it out there for the world to see,its there forever in digital limbo.Social media and emails and text messages are only tools.Like guuns are.Guns dont just walk out the door and harm people,just like an email program or a social media site dosent harm someone.Its what people do with those tools that ultimatley cause the harmSo many times I have seen things happen because an email,post,or text message was misinterprated.There is no voice inflection or facial expression in little black and white letters,so its easy for things to be taken wrong.So much of these issues could be avoided by a simple phone call,or better yet a face to face conversation like people used to have.Technology is a good thing when used properly,but it can also be a double edged sword as well.

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